Photo: HAI/Ganna Goncharenko

Yep. We get it completely.

The vertical aviation industry is insanely cool, with deft pilots flying beautiful aircraft through stunning scenery. We marvel at the work of highly trained craftspeople who maintain these complex machines. Most of us have watched or participated in these amazing activities. So, one question remains: have you taken pictures of them?

Over the association’s 75 years, the staff of HAI has learned that people in the vertical flight community love looking at photos of aircraft almost as much as seeing them in person. Since we can’t be everywhere to watch rotorcraft and rotorcraft professionals and enthusiasts in action, it’s time for you to share your images of them with the industry, and maybe even earn some cash doing it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enter your best stuff in this, the 12th annual ROTOR Magazine Photo Contest! We’ll share your images throughout the year across various ROTOR media products.

The 2024 ROTOR Magazine Photo Contest accepts entries in the following categories:

Helicopters/Drones at Work: This category highlights aircraft in action; no aircraft on ground (AOG) shots, please. Show us the amazing things you do with your aircraft!

Helicopters/Drones in the Military: Here, we pay tribute to the aircraft and aviators serving their country.

People and Their Helicopters/Drones: In this category, we show aircraft and the people who love them.

Helicopter/Drone Digitally Enhanced Photos: This is your chance to show off your photo-editing skills.

Wrench Turners: We’d like to see pictures of the unsung heroes who keep our aircraft flying. Let’s see you or your maintenance technicians turning wrenches inside and outside your hangar, as well as cool shots of mechanics/ engineers with the helicopters they keep running.

NEW! How We Serve: This category illustrates the profound impact of our industry by showcasing the sectors that serve their communities from the air, including firefighting, law enforcement, air ambulance, and search-and-rescue (SAR) operations—and the exceptional individuals, dedicated to public service, who fly, maintain, and crew these aircraft.

This year’s ROTOR Magazine Photo Contest opened Aug. 1, 2023, and will close Dec. 1, 2023, at midnight eastern standard time (UTC-5).

Visit to enter and win cash prizes for your helicopter and drone photos!

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