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Anthelion Helicopters Guimbal Cabri G2 & Robinson R44

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HAI member Anthelion Helicopters, based at Long Beach Airport (KLGB) in California, started in 2014 as a flight-training company with a single Robinson R22. Eight years later, the operator uses nine aircraft and has expanded its services to include aerial tours, Part 135 charters, aerial photography and cinematography, gender reveals, and more. They can even fly you out to your yacht!

In this photo, assistant chief pilot Kate Pederson stands by an Anthelion Guimbal Cabri G2 as one of the ­company’s R44s departs on a short flight around the airport.

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Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett worked for McDonnell Douglas Helicopter/Boeing for a decade, then in 1999 cofounded an aerospace-only marketing agency. With nearly 30 years of photography and design experience serving the aerospace and defense industries, he founded AeroMark Images to shoot and write for both industry and media.

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