Kayoko Humphrey

Astaras, Inc., a division of the IBG Group and the exclusive provider of ANVILOY® and TUCOMET® Tungsten Alloys in The Americas, is proud to announce Kayoko Humphrey has joined the ANVILOY team as a Customer Service Specialist. Kayoko will be responsible for supporting growth of the full portfolio of tungsten alloys.

“We are excited to have Kayoko join the team, as she brings nearly 20 years of experience with specialty tungsten materials, tooling, and wear-resistant solutions. I am confident that her technical service skills will be an asset to our organization as we continue to grow,” said Ed Wilson, President of Astaras, Inc.

Kayoko joins Astaras from Kennametal, where she served as a Technical Service Representative for 8 years. Her responsibilities included negotiating prices, terms of sales and service agreements, providing technical support to customers and providing technical recommendations for processes and applications.

Humphrey was previously with ATI Firth Sterling for 10 years as a Technical Sales Representative. ATI Firth Sterling, a metal products manufacturer, was acquired by Kennametal in 2013.

The Customer Service Specialist role is a new position on the ANVILOY team.


The ANVILOY® brand stands for a product group of tungsten-based heavy-metal alloys. ANVILOY tungsten products, manufactured by WELDSTONE COMPONENTS and exclusively distributed in The Americas by Astaras, Inc., have a very high specific density and are used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Die Casting, Permanent Mold, and Foundry – Cooling Inserts, Wear Resistance Inserts, Core Pins, Short Block, Sprue Bushings, Sprue Posts, Chill Blocks, Weld Rod and more.
  • Medical – High Density. High Shielding Performance. Containers and Shielding for Radioactive Materials. Collimators in Magnetic Resonance (MRT) Equipment.
  • Shielding & Nuclear – Application examples of ANVILOY® shielding include transport container for radioactive substances, radiation source holder in measuring devices, radiation shielding of radioactive substances in chemotherapy and Collimator sheets in magnetic resonance tomographs.
  • Aerospace & Defense – High Mass Density Weights and Counterbalances
  • Oil & Gas – Superior Performance and Lower Cost Compared to Tungsten-Carbide Tooling. Boring Bards, Grinding Quills, Arbors, Bucking Bars.
  • Precision Tooling – ​Superior performance and lower cost compared to tungsten-carbide tooling. High-thermal conductivity. Low-thermal expansion. Withstands thermal shock. Tools run cooler. Last longer.

ANVILOY sales in The Americas are handled by Jim Brown, Technical Sales. He can be reached at 1-727-295-6989 or [email protected].

ANVILOY sales in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa are handled by Thomas Hoehn, Managing Director of Weldstone Components. He can be reached at +49 8031 94 13 99-0 or [email protected].


The WELDSTONE COMPONENTS Group is one of the leading manufacturers of tungsten and tungsten-based products, tungsten heavy metal, tungsten-copper, and tungsten special alloys in the world. Well-known brands of the group are ANVILOY® and TUCOMET®.

In addition to semi-finished products and blanks of tungsten and tungsten alloys, the WELDSTONE COMPONENTS Group supplies most products as ready-to-install end products. The customers therefore benefit from the machining processes matched to these materials and receive high-precision products with full guarantee. As the WELDSTONE COMPONENTS Group covers the complete production process from powder production to CNC processing, highly individual materials can be produced and combined, which enables a wide provision of tailor-made customer solutions.

WELDSTONE COMPONENTS Group is part of the IBG Group (https://www.ibg-cologne.com/en/), an international holding company based in Cologne, Germany, with 18 different production facilities worldwide.


Headquartered in Largo, FL, Astaras, Inc. is the exclusive provider of ANVILOY® and TUCOMET® Tungsten Alloys in The Americas. Astaras, Inc. is also the foremost leading supplier of private label MIG guns and consumables, TIG torches and consumables, Gouging Torches, and Carbon Electrodes for the welding industry in North America. Astaras is one of the largest suppliers of Tungsten Electrodes in the U.S., including the latest innovation in tungsten electrodes, E3® tungsten electrodes.

Astaras is part of the IBG Group (https://www.ibg-cologne.com/en/), an international holding company based in Cologne, Germany, with 18 different production facilities worldwide. Utilizing these factories, Astaras imports OEM-quality parts to their Largo, FL facility to manufacture and supply top quality TIG Torches, MIG Guns, Gouging Torches, Carbon Electrodes, and related consumables for OEMs, wholesalers, and distribution channels. Astaras designs, engineers, and assembles TIG and Gouging torches and MIG guns in Largo, FL. The copper wire, welding cable and hoses that are incorporated in Astaras products are purchased from choice USA suppliers. For more information, visit www.astaras.com.

The IBG GROUP is a family-owned business with more than 2,500 employees worldwide with 75 subsidiaries and affiliated companies in 38 countries. Other IBG Group companies operating in North America include Abicor Binzel (https://www.binzel-abicor.com/US/eng/), Thermacut (https://www.thermacut.us/), and Kemper System America (https://www.kemper-system.com).


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