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Hit aviation television series, Straight and Level presented by AeroBrigham, to premier a Veterans Day special, chronicling just how Bell Helicopter UH-1 Hueys are helping veterans of the Vietnam War cope with PTSD.

“The Sound of Hope,” The Veterans Day premiere of Straight and Level, is dedicated to honoring all US military service members and airs this Thursday, Nov. 11, at 3 pm EST on AWE TV.

FORT WORTH (November 10, 2021) – Assent Media + Entertainment‘s hit television program Straight and Level that airs on AWE TV will honor past military service members with a Veterans Day special entitled “The Sound of Hope.” This episode features the American Huey 369 Museum, it’s the Bell UH-1 “Hueys”, the iconic face of the US Military during the Vietnam era, and how these aircraft are still supporting Veterans 50+ years after the conflict.

“My brother and I both served in the United States Army, so we have a very special place in our hearts for military veterans” AeroBrigham CEO David Brigham said. “This episode is for all service members with us and those who can’t be with us anymore.” Capturing the opening and dedication of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in For Wayne, Indiana on May 29th, 2021, the crew from Straight and Level brings you an in-depth documentary that captures the dedication of Vietnam Veterans to one another and to their country.

The Sound of Hope also recognized the American Huey 369 Museum, and the dedicated volunteers who are committed to restoring, preserving, and operating these aircraft. “The Huey is ‘the helicopter’ that defined an entire era of aviation…yet, very few know that this aircraft was the savior of so many and continues to help veterans in the 21st Century.” Said W. Hulsey Smith, Executive Producer and Host of Straight and Level. The Sound of Hope is presented by AeroBrigham, a global leader in helicopter completion, maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, and a family-owned company founded by brothers Danny and David Brigham in Decatur, Texas.

Straight and Level is the most watched infotainment aviation program of the last decade and was picked up by AWE TV in the fall of 2021 for a full season continuing through the Spring of 2022.  The current season is delivering a per episode average total addressable audience of over 1.41MM+ across all distribution platforms. The media house also produces the Assent Live Private Aircraft Auction series for both streaming and broadcast on AWE TV.

Straight and Level Season Two: Throughout the second season of Straight and Level, the team will explore 21st Century Aviation Technology and the positive affect aviation has on humanity. From flight training to historic aircraft to aviation education and supersonic flight, the Straight and Level team is focused on bringing aviation centric human-interest stories to life. “The golden age of aviation isn’t over, people just stopped paying attention, and our focus for Straight and Level is to bring the joy and love of flying back to the forefront of conversation.” said W. Hulsey Smith, Executive Producer and President of Assent Media + Entertainment.  The next episode of Straight and Level, Episode S2E7 – “The Sound of Hope – Presented by AeroBrigham” airs this Thursday at 3pm ET.

“Straight and Level” will feature and highlight topics related to aviation news and information, including aircraft profiles, aircraft for sale, aircraft markets, aviator information, segments on aircraft operations, how to purchase aircraft, and how to sell aircraft, along with general aviation interest stories as well.

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Straight and Level is produced by Assent Media + Entertainment, a Fort Worth, Texas based media house, and Smith Family Capital company. Executive Producers for Assent Media + Entertainment are W. Hulsey Smith and Ahrev Chinarian Smith, along with Producer Pete Isert of Crestone, Inc. To learn more, go to www.StraightandLevel.TV 

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