Grimstad, Norway, June 28, 2023Axnes AS, a leading global provider of wireless communication solutions, today announced its partnership with Bristow Group, a global leader in vertical flight solutions, to enhance critical crew connectivity and communication as part of a fleet upgrade. Axnes has successfully delivered its PNG Wireless Intercom System (WICS) for deployment across Bristow’s aircraft fleet, including the AW139, AW189, and S-92 models. This collaboration underscores Axnes’ commitment to supporting mission-critical operations through its cutting-edge wireless communication solutions. 

The Axnes PNG offers a game-changing wireless ICS solution designed to optimize crew coordination and to ensure seamless communication in challenging operational environments. 

The successful completion of installations of the Axnes PNG WICS on AW139, AW189, and S-92 helicopters marks a significant milestone for the fleet upgrade project. The WICS’ crystal-clear audio quality, real-time situational awareness, and robust reliability will greatly enhance Bristow’s operational capabilities. 

“We are honored to partner with Bristow Group for their fleet upgrade project,” said Klaus Frühwirth, CMO of Axnes AS. “At Axnes, we are committed to delivering innovative wireless communication solutions that empower our customers to excel in their missions. The Axnes PNG Wireless Intercom System (WICS) is a testament to our dedication to providing seamless and efficient communication, even in the most demanding environments.” 

The Axnes WICS installations will ensure streamlined communication and enable effective coordination between flight crews, rescue swimmers, and ground personnel. The lightweight and rugged design of the WICS enables optimal performance and durability, further enhancing safety and operational efficiency for Bristow’s operations. 

Axnes’ proven expertise in wireless intercom technology across various industries, including aviation, makes them the ideal partner for Bristow’s fleet upgrade project.  

The successful completion of the Axnes WICS installations on Bristow’s helicopter fleet will now deliver reliable and cutting-edge wireless communication solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of the Bristow aircrews and their customers.” 

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About Bristow Group: Bristow Group Inc. is the leading global provider of innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions. Bristow primarily provides aviation services to a broad base of offshore energy companies and government entities. The Company’s aviation services include personnel transportation, search and rescue (“SAR”), medevac, fixed wing transportation, unmanned systems and ad-hoc helicopter services. Bristow currently has customers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, the Dutch Caribbean, the Falkland Islands, Guyana, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Spain, Suriname, Trinidad, the U.K., and the U.S. To learn more, visit our website at 

About Axnes: Axnes develops and supplies advanced and highly durable wireless intercom solutions for use under harsh conditions for aerospace and defense applications. Today more than 2,400 aircraft worldwide are equipped with Axnes’ wireless technology. Axnes was founded in 1995 and is a privately-owned company headquartered in Norway with offices in the United Kingdom, Austria, and the United States of America, and worldwide distribution through its partner network. The company has been supplying its wireless intercom systems for two decades and is an EASA Part 21 and Part 145 approved quality organization. Our team is driven by the belief that producing and developing the most advanced and versatile wireless intercom system contributes to saving lives in demanding operational environments. Read more at


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