Baldwin Safety and Compliance announced it has partnered with JumpSeat to integrate the real-time crowdsourced application into the Baldwin flight risk assessment tool.  Introduced last year, the JumpSeat app is currently free to users and a first of its kind to allow pilots to share and access important operational information that may not be addressed in a formal NOTAM and will save crews the time needed to research multiple sources.

Jason Starke, Director of Safety at Baldwin Safety and Compliance commented, “The JumpSeat app caught our attention immediately and we recognized its value as another dimension to the risk assessment process. Now we can make it even easier for our clients to access local intelligence at their departure and destination airports from the Baldwin system to help make more informed decisions regarding risk associated with their trip. It is simple to use and as the user numbers go up, the more valuable it will become. I see it as a must-have resource for every trip.”

JumpSeat co-founders Ben Zavadil and Bradley Doebelin worked together to develop a first of its kind crowdsourced aviation app that now has several thousand users.  The intuitive app allows users to search by airport using a map and offers a global events feed with favorites section on the menu to quickly check frequent locations in real-time. Reports are made quickly by choosing a category such as ATC, Runways, Fuel, Ground Handling, Scams, Weather, and others.

“Our goal was to keep this app simple and easy to use,” stated Ben Zavadil, JumpSeat co-founder.  “We knew this would help crews avoid issues not reported in NOTAMS and it has exceeded expectations while saving them valuable time with risk assessment research.” Bradley Doebelin JumpSeat’s co-founder added, “We are excited to have Baldwin as our first JumpSeat partner and look forward to working with them to explore additional segments in the industry as well as other like-minded business aviation organizations.”

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Dan Sweet

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