Becker Avionics Inc is proud to announce that its DVCS6100 digital audio system has been selected by the C&L Aviation Group. Charlie Carrol, Avionics Sales Manager for C&L Aviation Group
stated, “When a special operations Dash 8 fleet operator came to us for help upgrading their avionics suite, we knew the legacy Baker OEM audio system was going to be problematic with the lack of parts on the 20-year-old system being a key issue,” he added. “We knew we had to bring that system into the 21st century and the Becker DVCS was the perfect product.”

David Oglesbee, Director of Sales for Becker Avionics and a former military and public mission pilot stated, “The complexity of modern mission-oriented operations are unique, driving the need to add or upgrade radios or receivers to your platform portfolio. The Becker DVCS6100 initial design brief laid heavy emphasis on the ability to expand and adapt to future communication capabilities without changes in its hardware. Designing the DVCS system with these capabilities from scratch is paramount to accomplishing more with less in today’s environment.”

Floyd Roney, Business Development Manager at Becker Avionics Inc. stated, “The DVCS6100 system is software configurable and with its innovative engineering design it can manage multiple transmitters and receivers as well as wireless ICS, handheld radio integration or satellite phone with full duplex capability. This makes communication more seamless and precise. Becker has installed the DVCS6100 system in everything from a Cessna 172 up to larger military and civilian platforms such as Gulfstream, Challenger, Lockheed, Sikorsky and Embraer. It’s reliability and flexibility has even been tested and installed in a space flight program,” stated Floyd. “There is no more demanding environment and the DVCS6100 has proven itself well.”

About Becker Avionics
Becker is a leader in digital avionics technology, setting the standard in customer-centric, state-of-the-art ground and airborne solutions. Becker’s focus is on meeting individual requirements with the highest commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, no matter what the mission.

As a privately held high-tech company for over 65 years, Becker Avionics has developed, manufactured and distributed the latest communication, navigation, surveillance, digital audio, and search & rescue equipment for airborne and ground applications. Becker has proudly provided world class products for General Aviation, ATC, law enforcement, military and OEM organizations including:
Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, BAE Systems (British Aerospace), ATR, CASA, RUAG, Xi’an Aircraft Corporation, Leonardo Helicopter, Pilatus Aircraft, German Air Force, Navy and Army, German Border Patrol, German Police, Austrian Army and Police, Swiss Air Force, Dutch Police, Security Civil, Irish Air Corps, Egyptian Navy, Indonesian Navy, Portuguese Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and U.S. Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol, etc.

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