Atlanta, Georgia: March 8, 2023Columbia Helicopters, a leading manufacturer and operator of heavy-lift helicopters, has announced a new partnership with Coulson Aviation, a world leader in aerial firefighting technology, to offer Coulson’s RADS-L Delivery System for operators of Columbia’s Model 234 helicopters.

The RADS-L is a large-capacity, high-flow firefighting tank that can hold up to 3,000 gallons of water or fire retardant. Originally designed for the C-130, this proven technology has been adapted to the Model 234, signaling the next phase in firefighting innovation. Through their collaboration, Columbia and Coulson are poised to revolutionize the industry by offering the RADS-L for Model 234 operators, providing them with a powerful new firefighting tool that can help them respond to wildfires and other emergencies more effectively.

“Columbia Helicopters is excited to partner with Coulson Aviation to offer the RADS-L for our Model 234 helicopter operators,” said Rob Roedts, Columbia’s Vice President of Aircraft Solutions. “As the OEM of the Model 234, we are always looking for ways to offer more options and capabilities to our customers, and the RADS-L is an innovative and effective firefighting tool that could help save lives and protect property.”

The partnership between Columbia Helicopters and Coulson Aviation builds on a long-standing relationship between the two companies, having partnered in the past to support firefighting operations globally.

“We are thrilled to work with Columbia Helicopters in exploring the use of the RADS-L for their Model 234 operators,” said Britton Coulson, President and COO of Coulson Aviation. “Our companies share a commitment to safety and innovation, and we believe that this partnership has the potential to offer significant benefits to firefighting operations around the world.”

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