Since the company was founded in 2005, Entrol has had one goal: to achieve excellence in flight simulators.

Ever since, it has been upgrading every product in the industry, developing a singular technology independence, growing together with its customers, and making their objectives the company’s own.

When Entrol managed to certify its first FNPT, it knew it could level up by certifying its first FNPT II, and then the MCC came.

The company has installed simulators on five continents. It has managed to offer its customers the FTD certification, achieving the FTD Level 3 certification for helicopter simulators. But the company decided it needed more.

Entrol arrived in the US with its first AATD, which gave it better insight into the needs of the American market and made it discover new challenges and new offices.

Today, Entrol proudly announces it has completed all the preparations to take the next step. During European Rotors, the company will announce that starting January 2024, it will begin to offer customers the certification FFS Level B, one step closer to an objective that began 18 years ago and today allows it to fly even higher and further.

Entrol thanked VRX Sim for their collaboration, who will become its preferential six degrees of freedom motion system provider and accompany Entrol in this new challenge.

Thank you very much and welcome to Entrol.

Luis Olarte
CEO and Founder of Entrol

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