FAA releases SAIB on potential 5G interference with radar altimeters.

The FAA this morning released a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin, SAIB AIR-21-18, on the risk of potential adverse effects of 5G deployment on radar (radio) altimeters. HAI recommends that all radar altimeter manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft operators, and pilots read the document and follow the FAA’s recommendations.

HAI expects that SAIB AIR-21-18 is just the beginning of the FAA’s efforts to safeguard safety in the US National Airspace System during the upcoming deployment of 5G wireless communications in the United States. This SAIB covers only lower frequencies of 5G networks (3700–3980 MHz bands), which are scheduled to begin operation on Dec. 5, 2021. HAI anticipates the FAA will continue to address the potential for 5G interference with aviation safety-critical equipment and will provide additional guidance related to those 5G frequencies more closely aligned with radar altimeters, which operate in the 4200–4400 MHz bands.

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