Flightcell is pleased to advise that their flagship product, the DZMx, now integrates seamlessly with Airborne Mission Systems’ AFDAU-T1 (Aerial Firefighting Data Acquisition Unit), providing further efficiency improvements and benefits to aerial firefighting operators. Integrating both state-of-the-art products allows for the immediate transmission of valuable data to allow air crew and ground operators to make well informed and real time decisions to tackle fires from above.

The key benefits of integrating the DZMx and AFDAU-T1 are:

Enhanced Features
Get the best of both worlds with advanced inflight calling and tracking capabilities including WIFI and Bluetooth of the DZMx and the reliability and accuracy of the AFDAU-T1 providing event reporting compliancy for aerial firefighting operations, including fill events, drop events, additive type, engine start/stop and aircraft take-off and landings.

Smarter Volume Detection
AFDAU-T1 automatically calibrates your bucket to ensure accuracy, safety, and efficiency. Minimal pilot interaction is required, even when swapping buckets in a slung load configuration. When integrated with the DZMx, data is transmitted immediately over satellite or cellular networks, providing real time situational awareness.

Flexible Integration
Both the DZMx and AFDAU-T1 have been designed to integrate with a wide range of aircraft systems and sensors, and once installed both devices require minimal pilot input in a busy cockpit.

Fully NAFC & USFS Compliant
The DZMx and AFDAU-T1 are fully NAFC Ops-14 & USFS ATU compliant for automated data capture of fill/drop data for bucket and tank work.

“After much testing and analysis, we fully support and believe the AFDAU-T1 product is aligned with our product leadership strategy and saw value in endorsing this product to bring even greater value to aerial firefighting operators,” said Shawn Deaker, sales manager at Flightcell. With what has been the worst fires in record across North America and Europe, it is becoming increasingly imperative to obtain precise and accurate real time data to safely tackle fires. “When integrating the AFDAU-T1 with our DZMx, operators will experience further efficiency and productivity improvements, which translates to more time fighting fires and less time conducting dry runs,” said Deaker.

Zane Vohland, managing director or AMS went on to say, “We created AFDAU-T1 to be affordable, easy-to-use, and to reliably capture accurate event data. Now with the collaboration between AMS and Flightcell in integrating the AFDAU-T1 with the DZMx, this has provided an advanced feature rich solution for firefighting operators.”


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