Helicopter Association International (HAI) is excited to announce a partnership with Swiss-based aviation service provider NGFT Solutions to release a set of tools intended to help rotorcraft professionals determine and evaluate risks before and during flights.

The Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) module is an intuitive and customizable method useful for helping crews understand risks by utilizing a simple question-and-answer format to evaluate potential conditions. Once identified, the mitigation prompt helps the user think through possible strategies to reduce the risk and make flying safer.

“Contributing to tools that make our industry safer for everyone involved is a goal HAI is always committed to, and the FRAT program is a stellar example of that commitment,” says James Viola, president and CEO of HAI. “FRATs are one of the easiest methods to determine the risks connected to a flight, and we deeply appreciate the work NGFT has done to make this tool simple and effective.”

Usability and functionality are key to the success of the FRAT module. “We want this tool and the assessment to become part of the daily routine for crews and aerial work operators. If everyone has the same understanding about the risks of missions, each crew can better support the team effort,” says Christian Müller, CEO of NGFT Solutions.

HAI members can access the FRAT module online at rotor.org/resources/frat-program, where they can find information and resources about the program. HAI is also pleased to announce that the full, customizable FRAT program is free to HAI members, and a basic version is free and available to the public.

“Safety is always a top concern for HAI and operators alike, and the FRAT program is an excellent way to ensure that as many potential risks are considered as possible,” says Chris Hill, director of safety at HAI. “We were excited to partner with NGFT to create and enhance this program, and now that it’s up and running, I look forward to the FRAT module being another tool on operators’ tool belts.”

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