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HAI Creates Workforce Development Working Group

By October 20, 2022No Comments

In response to the vertical lift industry’s growing pilot and maintenance technician shortage, HAI has launched the HAI Workforce Development Working Group (WDWG). The newest of HAI’s many working and sub-working groups addressing issues important to our members, the WDWG is tasked with creating and reviewing programs to support a long-term pipeline of skilled workers for the industry.

Formed under the direction of the HAI Board of Directors, the new working group will help expand the international VTOL industry workforce by developing a comprehensive recruitment plan that addresses educational outreach, Mil2Civ transitions, job fairs, and marketing. The group will also collaborate with industry organizations to cultivate partnerships that boost recruiting and retain talent within the industry.

The Workforce Development Working Group is now accepting applications from HAI members around the world who are willing to lend their diverse skills, expertise, and insight to the cause. “We’re seeking anyone who has had strong success recruiting people to their company or to the industry to join this diverse working group,” says Greg Brown, HAI director of education and training services and staff liaison to the WDWG. “We welcome heads of companies, human resources staff, directors of maintenance, chief pilots, and anyone else with experience in attracting and hiring talent. If you’ve ever considered giving back to the industry, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise.”


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