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HAI Hires Crosby-Volmer International Communications

By November 18, 2019March 26th, 2021No Comments

Because of an increase in the scope of communications work affecting HAI and its members, the association has engaged Crosby~Volmer International Communications to provide guidance and assistance with public relations and communications efforts.

HAI sought external assistance after recognizing that the increased communications demands exceeded the capabilities of the organization’s internal team. Crosby~Volmer was selected after HAI solicited proposals and heard presentations from three companies.

Crosby~Volmer is a Washington, D.C.–based communications firm with global capabilities, offering strategic communications to companies, nonprofits, and associations. The firm has developed award-winning campaigns that establish their clients as leaders in their industries, build public awareness for important issues, and alleviate crises to maintain positive brand reputation.

“We were pleased with the capabilities Crosby~Volmer offered to us,” says Matt Zuccaro, president and CEO of HAI. “In our work with them, we have two goals. First, to promote the safe and effective use of helicopters on an international scale. Second, to mitigate the effects of negative media coverage on the public and in government sectors. The experience, knowledge, and skill of the Crosby~Volmer team are already providing value as we make our way through this first phase of the project.”

Through the research phase of selecting the firm, HAI learned that roughly 80% of stories in the media about helicopters are negative. One goal of the project is to turn that 1 in 5 ratio around.

“We know that the helicopter is an essential tool that serves the greater good daily,” adds Zuccaro. “We want to help our members and the media show just how much benefit our industry offers.”

HAI will work with Crosby~Volmer to produce and place stories in local and national media that document the robust capabilities of helicopters and how they are vital to keeping the public safe, informed, and equipped with essential services.

The firm will also work with HAI’s Government Affairs department to keep abreast of legislative developments. It will also soon assist with a new members-only section of the HAI website,, complete with statistics, information, templates, and other elements of a communications tool kit.

“We are very excited to be working with HAI,” says Rob Volmer, president of the communications firm. “Our conversations with HAI staff and members made us aware of the countless ways helicopters help communities, provide enjoyment, and assist in times of emergency. These stories, your stories, are the industry’s truth. We know there are so many other narratives out there, and we would love to hear them. We plan to use the stories of HAI members as the core of our media outreach strategy.”

HAI members are encouraged to reach out to Volmer with stories about how their work has made a positive difference for their community at [email protected].

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