A look at an HAI member up close and personal.

For 30 years, Airwolf Aerospace has been designing, certifying, and manufacturing high-performance helicopter components aimed at reducing direct operating costs. The Middlefield, Ohio–based company’s products include tension-torsion (TT) straps, elastomerics, lithium-ion installation battery kits, rotor blade tapes, and agricultural spray systems.

TT Strap Innovator
Airwolf sells four-year TT straps for Bell 206 helicopters that have received approval from the FAA as well as EASA, Transport Canada, and Brazil ANAC. The company also offers supplemental type certificate (STC) approved TT straps for medium Bell helicopters: straps for the Bell UH-1, 204, 205, 210, and 212 were all certified by the FAA in 2015 and are approved by EASA, Transport Canada, and Brazil ANAC, as well.

The company features certified, 36-month TT straps for Enstrom 480 (turboshaft) helicopters and 60-month TT straps for piston Enstrom helicopters. As part of its Enstrom strap program, Airwolf developed an STC to convert piston Enstrom helicopters to use the company’s straps in place of the problematic Lamiflex and now-discontinued bearings originally used for these aircraft.

Other Components
In addition to TT straps, Airwolf Aerospace produces Bell 407 main rotor head elastomerics; rotor blade protective tape and agricultural spray systems for R22 and R44 helicopters; and various PMA (parts manufacturer approval) parts for Hiller UH-12 and Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, S-61 aircraft.

Airwolf is now in the process of completing a cost-saving line of STCs intended to permit installation of True Blue Power’s ultra-lightweight, fast-charging lithium-ion main ship batteries on all variants of the Airbus H125, H130, H135, and H145; Bell 206, 206L/L-3/L-4, and 407; Enstrom 480; and MD 500 (including 369) and 600 helicopters. True Blue STC installation kits will include the state-of-the-art True Blue Power lithium-ion battery, mounting hardware, a simple wiring harness, and a digital computer/annunciator/battery warm-up switch.


  • Jen Boyer is a 20-year journalism and public relations professional in the aviation industry, having worked for flight schools, OEMs, and operators. She holds a rotorcraft commercial instrument license with CFI and CFII ratings. Jen now runs her own public relations and communications firm.

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