Supporting today’s increasingly digital aircraft with printed circuit boards, technical assistance, and more.

Located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Arc-Tronics serves the military, aerospace, medical, and industrial arenas with precision-printed circuit board assemblies, cable harness assemblies, and electromechanical and box builds—the building blocks of today’s increasingly technological and digital aircraft.

High Standards
Arc-Tronics was founded in 1972 with the goal of becoming a world-class provider of streamlined solutions for the electronic manufacturing services industry. The company meets strict military and FAA specifications, producing single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) in volume using automated assembly, soldering, and insertions.

Manual board and component assembly are done by experienced technicians, with all Arc-Tronics employees trained to IPC International J-STD-001 standards. Similarly, all assemblies are built to IPC 610 or 620 Class II or III standards depending on customer requirements.

The company manufactures PCBs with an array of board finishes, coatings, and soldering options integral to the reliability and performance of aerospace products. Its box build, wire lead, and cable assemblies reflect the company’s start-to-finish capabilities. Other services include structural analysis, rigorous testing, and thorough documentation.

Arc-Tronics owns and regularly upgrades its state-of-the-art equipment to ensure exceptional quality and exacting specifications in everything from prototypes to production runs. Its expansive capabilities allow the company to ensure fast turnaround of preproduction units and engineering prototypes.

Turnkey Service
The company’s turnkey service is driven by expertise that spans all aspects of production, from design to development to engineering through manufacture, assembly, and delivery. The Arc-Tronics engineering group’s in-depth experience, for example, allows it to specialize in a broad range of applications, including advanced electronic system design and CAD-printed circuit board layout.

What’s more, as a contract manufacturer, Arc-Tronics owns no proprietary products. So, while the company may do all the design, development, and manufacturing, its customers maintain ownership of the custom engineering technology, including patents.

Jen Boyer

Jen Boyer

Jen Boyer is the principal of her own firm, Flying Penguin Communications. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and holds commercial, instrument, flight instructor, and instrument instructor ratings in helicopters and a private rating in airplanes. She has worked as a professional journalist and marketing communicator in the aviation industry since the early 1990s.