A look at an HAI member up close and personal.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Eagle Copters was founded in 1975 with a lease fleet composed of a single Alouette II. Today, the company operates on three continents through an international network of subsidiaries, affiliates, and joint-venture partnerships. With locations in North America, South America, and Australia, Eagle specializes in worldwide helicopter fleet management, including sales, leasing, completions, product development, engineering, parts and logistics, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services for major OEM platforms.

As Eagle has grown over the past four and a half decades, the company has added services to better meet its customers’ specific operational needs. A key such service is the ability to engineer, develop, and certify a host of products to customize aircraft.

Engine Conversions
A prime example of Eagle’s added capabilities is the Eagle 407HP program, an engine upgrade conversion that delivers considerable power and performance to the Bell 407 helicopter. The Eagle 407HP conversion replaces the Rolls-Royce C47 turbine engine with a next-generation Honeywell HTS900 turboshaft engine, substantially improving the high-altitude and hot ambient-temperature performance of the Bell 407 for a faster, more powerful, fuel-efficient aircraft.

The Eagle 407HP currently supports the utility, air medical, security and law enforcement, and critical-utilities sectors. Eagle recently delivered its 37th 407HP conversion to HeloAir in Richmond, Virginia, in support of the utilities sector.

Eagle also developed the Eagle Single, which converts the Bell 212 from a twin-engine helicopter to a single-engine workhorse. This full STC (supplemental type certificate) conversion gives aircraft operators increased payload capacity due to the reduced weight of the second engine and associated equipment, all with lower operating costs.

An Eagle Single was made last year for the Nevada Division of Forestry, offering a modern civilian aircraft to replace the agency’s aging, public-use Bell UH-1H “Hueys.” Because the Eagle Single carries a standard airworthiness certificate and isn’t a restricted-category aircraft like the Huey, the like-new helicopter gives the agency more multimission capabilities, including the ability to carry passengers, with increased performance, a higher gross weight, and additional structural strength.

Audio Systems
In response to customer feedback, Eagle now designs, manufactures, and installs its own digital audio control systems through its wholly owned subsidiary Eagle Audio. Developed through input from completion centers; technicians; and operators in law enforcement, air medical transport, and television news, the company’s systems are small, light, and highly suitable for a variety of operations.

Fleet Management
Through all its ventures, Eagle Copters remains on the cutting edge of helicopter fleet management. The company recently delivered a fully customized, factory-new Airbus H125 to the Edmonton Police Service in Edmonton, Alberta. Within the past year, the company also delivered two new, fully customized Airbus H125 helicopters to the Calgary Police Service’s air support unit.

Most recently, Eagle’s maintenance arm, Eagle Copters Maintenance, received approval from the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau to maintain helicopters registered in Japan. The approval further expands Eagle’s worldwide fleet management capabilities.

Throughout all its growth, Eagle has remained true to its heritage and continues to lease more than 50 helicopters all over the globe, providing its customers with world-class support.


  • Jen Boyer is a 20-year journalism and public relations professional in the aviation industry, having worked for flight schools, OEMs, and operators. She holds a rotorcraft commercial instrument license with CFI and CFII ratings. Jen now runs her own public relations and communications firm.

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