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A look at an HAI member up close and personal.

Since 1996, Merlin Simulation of Dexter, Michigan, has offered specialized simulation solutions for commercial training centers, flight schools, and air traffic control training centers.

Merlin  develops and tests all its software and hardware in-house, allowing the company the flexibility to quickly customize and modify designs and features. This internal capability also allows the company to perform customizations and modifications on short time lines, removing the wait time typically associated with including a third-party vendor.

Additionally, full in-house capabilities translate into lower costs, shorter schedules, tighter quality control, and the ability to customize and add software, components, and visual/audio touches requested by customers.

Flight Training Simulators
For the flight training sector, Merlin develops certified helicopter and airplane flight training simulators, from full-motion Level D to AATD, matching make and model of the aircraft and featuring high-fidelity graphics. Its simulators are currently operating in private flight schools, commercial training facilities, and military training facilities around the world.

For private flight schools, Merlin offers its Pro Series, which includes AATDs for the Robinson R22 and R44, Schweizer 300C, and Cessna 172. Other models can be added upon customer request. The Pro Series line of simulators was designed to work with the needs and financial budgets of private flight training schools.

Merlin’s commercial training center simulators are more complex, offering motion, exact matching to the customer’s aircraft, and a variety of visual screen options. These simulators are available from Level D to AATD.

The company promotes its UH-60 Black Hawk simulator as a prime example of its military and government agency flight training solutions. Customizable to any model of the aircraft, the simulator features the ability to perform all normal and emergency procedures and IFR operations. The flight model is based on actual flight data, validated by current Black Hawk pilots. The simulator is available as a stationary or full-motion platform.

Other Simulator Training Solutions
In addition to flight simulators, Merlin provides a variety of simulator training solutions for other applications, to help customers properly train teams and crews for actual environments. Products include a full-sized air traffic control trainer customized with tower equipment, high-fidelity graphics, and audio. The company also offers training simulators for cabin crews, tank operators, firefighters, offshore oil platform workers, large-vehicle operators, and ship and submarine crews.

Typical solutions include in-house visual, flight deck, and software components; visual options such as dome, cylinder, and collimated displays; custom visual databases to include a minimum of one country; and trainer stations. Merlin can also collect data from the customer’s aircraft to increase fidelity and significantly reduce costs.

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Jen Boyer

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