Flight school offers comprehensive instruction, maintenance and overhaul services.

Located in Chandler, Arizona, a stone’s throw from Phoenix, Quantum Helicopters provides comprehensive flight instruction from ab initio through ATP to both domestic and international students. For students wishing to earn a college degree while training, Quantum also operates the five-semester associate of applied science flight instructor degree program at Dodge City Community College. The company teaches all the college’s approved ground and flight training sessions for the degree.

Flight Training Program
Since its inception in 1993, Quantum Helicopters has grown to be one of the busiest helicopter flight training schools in the nation, with more than 275,000 hours of flight training given in the past 29 years. Quantum began providing Part 61 flight training on Jan. 11, 1993, and Part 141 instruction later that year.

With Part 141 approval, the school received approval from the Arizona State Approving Agency to provide helicopter flight training to eligible veterans who receive benefits under the G.I. Bill. Quantum has been helping veterans receive their helicopter ratings under this program since 1994.

Other Services
Quantum became a Robinson Helicopter Co. factory-approved full-service maintenance and overhaul facility in 1993 and, in 1994, received approval to operate under Part 135 for air taxi operations. In 2010, Quantum became one of only three helicopter schools in the United States to be granted approval to train and certify Chinese nationals for flight operation in their home country. In addition to flight training and maintenance and overhaul services, Quantum offers aerial photography and survey services in the local Phoenix area.

The school’s current headquarters were completed in August 2006, making Quantum the sole operator on one of the largest public heliports in the United States. The site includes 36 landing pads with taxiway access, a large turf training area, nearly 8,000 sq. ft. of office space, and a 14,400-sq.-ft. hangar for aircraft storage and maintenance.

Jen Boyer

Jen Boyer

Jen Boyer is the principal of her own firm, Flying Penguin Communications. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and holds commercial, instrument, flight instructor, and instrument instructor ratings in helicopters and a private rating in airplanes. She has worked as a professional journalist and marketing communicator in the aviation industry since the early 1990s.