At the 2005 International Helicopter Safety Symposium, HAI WAS THERE along with the American Helicopter Society (AHS, now the Vertical Flight Society) in Montreal, Canada, for the formation of the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST).

The IHST, which included representatives from government and industry, was tasked with providing international leadership that would develop and implement integrated and data-driven strategies to improve helicopter safety worldwide. The goal, at that time, was to reduce the helicopter accident rate by 80% in 10 years.

From its inception, IHST members have worked cooperatively with international organizations, including the leading global rotorcraft associations, regional safety teams, and a variety of civil aviation authorities, to reduce the helicopter accident rate to 0%. In February 2019, the IHST changed its name to the International Helicopter Safety Foundation, which in May 2021 was reorganized and relaunched as the Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST). VAST continues to lead the charge and remains focused on a 0% accident rate.

This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of HAI, formed on Dec. 13, 1948.

Countdown to HAI’s 75th: 35 days!

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