Photo: Martin Alejandro Fernández Valencia

Since HAI began 75 years ago, on Dec. 13, 1948, the association has been instrumental in uniting civil helicopter interests around the world. HAI WAS THERE to cofound one such coalition of industry entities, the International Federation of Helicopter Associations (IFHA). Planning for the group began as early as 1983 under the leadership of Former HAI President Frank Jensen (1982–1998) and key members of the European rotorcraft community.

The international effort was an agreement among helicopter interest groups on areas of mutual interest and was designed to bring the expertise and concerns of civil helicopter industries to an international forum.

In 1998, the IFHA was recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), elevating the status and prominence of the group. Today, the IFHA actively participates on several ICAO panels and working groups, promoting the needs of the international rotorcraft industry—all achieved due to the hard work and global vision of rotorcraft industry pioneers.

Countdown to HAI’s 75th anniversary: 69 days!

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