As part of its mission, HAI WAS THERE to establish working groups to address the current problems and challenges facing the vertical aviation industry. HAI created the first working groups decades ago with the purpose of providing HAI members a forum for helping guide the association by using their expertise to evaluate the issues under the working group’s charge. Some working group charters focus on broad industry topics such as safety or training; others are sector specific, such as the Aerial Firefighting and Natural Resources (AF&NR) Working Group. The association currently benefits from 14 working groups, all of which provide valuable insights into a wide range of topics.

HAI created the AF&NR Working Group to identify and evaluate safety, operational, and support issues within the aerial firefighting and natural resources sector and to assist in developing policies and best practices to enhance the safety and efficiency of aircraft engaged in these missions. The group advises the HAI Board of Directors and membership about potential administrative, operational, and safety concerns affecting aerial firefighting and natural resources rotorcraft operations.

HAI members interested in finding out more can visit the HAI website to view the current AF&NR Working Group charter or attend the group’s meeting at HAI HELI-EXPO 2024 to learn more.

This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of HAI, formed on Dec. 13, 1948.

Countdown to HAI’s 75th: 14 days!

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