As HAI expanded beyond its early years as the California Helicopter Association and, later, the Helicopter Association of America (HAA), its membership grew internationally and the organization sought to increase its collaboration with the leading vertical flight industries around the world. In 1981, HAA changed its name to Helicopter Association International in recognition of its truly global status.

On Jun. 30, 2020, HAI WAS THERE to launch the HAI International Partnership Program (IPP), which brings together senior leaders from rotorcraft associations around the world on a quarterly basis to enhance safety and cooperation across the vertical aviation community. The IPP meetings facilitate information sharing and provide an opportunity for the international industry to work on common issues.

HAI President and CEO James Viola takes European Helicopter Association (EHA) Executive Director Isabella Abbate on a tour of the Washington, D.C., area in a Robinson R44, Mar. 15, 2022. EHA, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is one of the original 10 members of the HAI International Partnership Program. (Photo: Isabella Abbate)

In the past three years, the IPP has grown from its initial 10 members to 17, and the program now includes a representative from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), as well.

This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of HAI, formed on Dec. 13, 1948.

Countdown to HAI’s 75th: 47 days!

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