Photo: HAI/f-stop Photography

When did HAI HELI-EXPO® become HAI HELI-EXPO? Just as HAI wasn’t always known as Helicopter Association International, having begun Dec. 13, 1948, as the Helicopter Council, HAI HELI-EXPO wasn’t always known by its current name. Early records refer to the yearly gathering as the “Annual Meeting.”

By 1967, the event had come to be known as the “Annual Meeting, Convention and Industry Showcase,” with the word “Exposition” replacing “Showcase” 16 years later, in 1983. In early 1989, the show was officially renamed “HAI HELI-EXPO” as “a more suitable name for a major worldwide event dedicated to civilian helicopters.”

For 75 years, HAI WAS THERE to bring the rotorcraft industry together to share best practices, network, and see the latest and greatest aircraft and equipment.

Countdown to the 75th anniversary: 71 days!

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