Photo above: iStock/kostsov

Helicopter Safety Advisory Conference effort is intended to assist operators, organizations in cultivating, managing capabilities for uncrewed aircraft systems.

The Helicopter Safety Advisory Conference (HSAC) has updated its unmanned aerial systems (UAS) guidelines to help build UAS capabilities within organizations and/or assist in managing third-party UAS operators to an industry-recognized standard. HAI members can access the guidelines on the association’s website.

HSAC is an industry-collaborative safety organization that provides a forum for industry stakeholders as well as recommended practices primarily focused on aviation operations in the offshore oil-and-gas industry. By facilitating communication between oil-and-gas companies and helicopter operators, manufacturers, and government regulators, HSAC has expanded throughout its 44-year history to include aerial patrol and UASs.

Given the obvious safety and cost benefits of UASs, and the rapidly expanding technology developments and use cases for the systems, the updated guidelines serve as a comprehensive but scalable tool for building UAS capability within an organization and/or managing third-party UAS operators to an industry-recognized standard.