Liquid Measurement Systems, Inc. announced that they reached a long-term supply agreement with MD Helicopters, Inc. of Mesa, Arizona. Under this agreement, LMS will be supplying the fuel quantity measurement system for the 500 series helicopters, consisting of lightweight and durable carbon-composite fuel probes as well as signal conditioners that calculate fuel quantity and detect high and low fuel levels.

This production agreement follows LMS’s successful completion of a contract to design and qualify a new crash-resistant fuel-gauging system for new deliveries of the MD 500 series.

The crash-resistant fuel system is rigorously designed to prevent the fuel compartment from rupturing in the event of a crash or hard landing—and the postcrash fire that can occur when fuel and fuel vapor escape and ignite, making an otherwise survivable crash fatal. LMS’s in-tank fuel probes are one of the few such systems on the market made from carbon fiber, which makes them the lightest in the industry, and virtually immune to corrosion, cracking, dents, or other impacts of field or environmental conditions. LMS’s probes are also designed to buckle on impact of crash, which keeps them from puncturing the fuel compartment and causing fuel to escape.

LMS is pleased to move from design and qualification into production on the MD 500 series,” said LMS President Scott Fewell. “We are committed to supporting MDH and its customers with the highest levels of on-time-delivery and quality assurance.”


MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH) manufactures high-performance rotorcraft solutions that support operators flying military, commercial, law enforcement, utility, and VIP mission profiles. With thousands of aircraft in service worldwide, MDH has been designing and building aircraft known for their safety, versatility, responsiveness, speed, and reliability since 1947. Our commitment to product sustainment and customer success allows MDH to deliver aircraft unmatched in their performance and reliability. To learn more about MD Helicopters, visit


LMS is a growing company with a big mission: to deliver best-in-industry fuel measurement and management solutions for aerospace and defense applications. The company designs, develops, certifies, manufactures and supports systems and components that meet technical requirements unique to the customer’s application.

Greg Maguire, General Counsel and Director of Business Strategy
[email protected]