Liquid Measurement Systems (LMS), a leading provider of aerospace fuel gauging solutions, proudly announces the promotion of Jason Corrigan to the position of Director of Engineering and Operations (DEO). Formerly serving as Director of Engineering, Corrigan’s appointment to this pivotal role underscores LMS’s commitment to seamless integration between engineering and operational services, ensuring compliance with customer requirements, industry standards, and federal regulations.

With proven leadership capabilities and keen problem-solving insight, Corrigan is uniquely positioned to oversee engineering and operational services for LMS. As DEO, he will organize and coordinate the delivery of services and products into a seamless delivery system, ensuring the highest quality standards are met at every stage of development and manufacture.

“The elevation of Jason Corrigan to Director of Engineering and Operations reflects his strong leadership capabilities and broad understanding of our industry,” said Scott Fewell, CEO of Liquid Measurement Systems. “His strategic vision, coupled with his proven track record of driving operational excellence, makes him the ideal candidate to lead our engineering and operations teams.”

In his new role as Director of Engineering and Operations (DEO) at Liquid Measurement Systems, Jason Corrigan will oversee the seamless delivery of services and products while ensuring compliance with customer requirements, industry standards, and federal regulations. He will be responsible for building and maintaining facilities, managing the supply chain, and overseeing personnel to ensure they are qualified and equipped to fulfill their responsibilities. Corrigan will also play a key role in strategic planning, budgetary oversight, and collaborating with other Directors and department managers to allocate resources effectively.

Liquid Measurement Systems remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions, exceeding customer expectations, and maintaining its position as a leader in aerospace fuel management technology. With Jason Corrigan at the helm of Engineering and Operations, LMS is well-positioned to achieve its strategic objectives and propel the company into a new era of growth and prosperity.

LMS is a growing company with a big mission: to deliver best-in-industry fuel measurement and management solutions for aerospace and defense applications. The company designs, develops, certifies, manufactures, and supports systems and components that meet technical requirements unique to the customer’s application. Learn more at

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