MD Helicopters receives Manufacturer of the Year Award and

meets with Ukraine President Zelenskyy to discuss joint production opportunities

MD Helicopters (MDH) received the Arizona Manufacturers Council’s (AMC) Medium Manufacturer of the Year Award during a luncheon at Grand Canyon University Arena.

On behalf of MD Helicopters, Harvey Ticlo and Cheryl Bazzell, accept the Medium Manufacturer of the Year Award from the Arizona Manufacturers Council.

“The AMC council is thrilled to recognize MD Helicopters, a long-time fixture in Arizona’s manufacturing industry and a leader in one of the nation’s fastest growing manufacturing sectors,” AMC Executive Director Grace Appelbe said. “This sector employs more than 600,000 people and positively impacts the state economy by $77 billion a year and MDH is a significant contributor.”


The AMC award comes on the heels of MD Helicopters’ participation in an Arizona Defense and Industry Coalition (AZDIC) delegation trip to Ukraine to explore partnership and production opportunities with Ukraine. The group also participated in launching the inaugural International Defense Industries Forum (DFNC1) with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

During the Forum, AZDIC and the delegation members signed the Ukraine Defense Industry Compact, furthering their commitment and joining defense industry leaders around the world in supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom and independence. This also reaffirms their commitment to the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine’s economy by seeking opportunities to engage in trade and investment, share expertise, and participate in other partnership-based business activities. MD Helicopters Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jason Lindauer joined leaders of four other Arizona defense and industry companies on the delegation.

Jason Lindauer, MD Helicopters, and the AZDIC delegation, along with Oleksandr Kamyshin, the Minister for Strategic Industries in Ukraine.

“We are deeply committed to Ukraine’s safety and security,” said Lindauer. “Our advanced light attack scout helicopters would safeguard both military and civilian personnel as they enter and exit the battlefield. Beyond the initial supply, our dedication extends to empowering Ukrainian workers. We are prepared to establish a comprehensive manufacturing and in-service support network, involving training and maintenance programs, all managed by skilled Ukrainian professionals. This holistic approach ensures the sustained success of our products within the country, contributing significantly to Ukraine’s defense capabilities.”

“MD Helicopters is a valuable member of the Arizona defense and industry network and will be a reliable, high-performance support for this initiative,” AZDIC President Lynndy Smith. “Jason and the team at MD Helicopters are exceptional subject matter experts on defense aircraft and their insight and knowledge will be invaluable to Ukraine’s defense and recovery.”

About MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH) manufactures high-performance rotorcraft solutions that support operators flying military, commercial, law enforcement, utility, and VIP mission profiles. With thousands of aircraft in service worldwide, MDH has been designing and building aircraft known for their safety, versatility, responsiveness, speed, and reliability since 1947. Our commitment to product sustainment and customer success allows MDH to deliver aircraft unmatched in their performance and reliability. MD Helicopters, LLC is owned by an investment consortium comprised of MBIA Insurance, Bardin Hill Investment Partners LP, and MB Global Partners. To learn more about MD Helicopters, visit us at, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



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