MD Helicopters displays the first example of its highly anticipated armed Cayuse Warrior Plus.

MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH)  is displaying the first example of its highly anticipated armed Cayuse Warrior Plus at the 2023 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit (AAAA) in Nashville, Tennessee. This aircraft was recently selected by the Nigerian government to fulfill a 12-aircraft requirement for the Nigerian Army.

“Our team is proud to showcase our best-in-class light attack aircraft solution at Quad A,” says Brad Pedersen, president and CEO of MD Helicopters. “We are excited about our award from Nigeria and confident our proven solution will support not only the Nigerian Army, but armed forces around the world. With this aircraft, defense services globally will experience reliable, agile, and cost-effective air capabilities with trouble-free operations, seamlessly complementing their broader defensive needs.”

The Nigerian Army plans to use the Cayuse Warrior Plus to assist in counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations. The combat-proven tactical scout and light-attack aircraft is valued for its unmatched power, safety, speed, agility, and unparalleled confined-area capabilities. It is the ideal purpose-built scout attack solution with the lowest direct operating cost (DOC) in its class.

MD’s AAAA static aircraft display showcases various mission enhancements including sensors, weapons system, avionics improvements, armor, and increased power performance. It reflects the combined agile performance and payload capacity required to enable reliable productivity for discerning defense operators.

About MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH) manufactures high-performance rotorcraft solutions that support operators flying military, commercial, law enforcement, utility, and VIP mission profiles. With thousands of aircraft in service worldwide, MDH has been designing and building aircraft known for their safety, versatility, responsiveness, speed, and reliability since 1947. Our commitment to product sustainment and customer success allows MDH to deliver aircraft unmatched in their performance and reliability. MD Helicopters, LLC is owned by an investment consortium composed of MBIA Insurance, Bardin Hill Investment Partners LP, and MB Global Partners. To learn more about MD Helicopters, visit us at, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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