Robinson employees talk about why they became pilots and offer advice to those considering becoming pilots.

Flying can be exhilarating and rewarding but is it for everyone? The initial training to earn one’s PPL (private pilot license) is hard work, requiring focus and discipline. If you are thinking of becoming a helicopter pilot, here a few things to consider:

  • The FAA requires 40 hours minimum, at least 20 must be with an instructor and 10 solo. Most students will train for 50–60 hours prior to their exam.
  • Depending on the flight school, total estimated hourly cost will range from $400 (R22), $700 (R44) to $1,100 (R66).
  • Make sure you are training with a reputable school. Not all schools are equal.
  • You must be healthy; an FAA medical certificate is required.
  • After earning your PPL, it is recommended that you fly with an instructor, on a regular basis, to maintain currency and refine your skills.
  • As the pilot-in-command, you must be vigilant, have a thorough understanding of the aircraft, never exceed its limitations, and never take chances that put you or others at risk.