New National Association of Flight Instructors Board Chair

January 10, 2022, Portage, MI – As of January 1, 2022, the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) has a new Board Chair, Karen Kalishek, DPE, ATP, Master CFI/CFII/MEI, CFI-G

Ms. Kalishek joined the NAFI board in March 2018 and brought a wealth of experience to the association. During her time on the board, her many contributions helped move NAFI into new areas of industry leadership. Karen’s steadfast commitment to NAFI facilitated broader reach in government and industry relations. Her primary focus is runway safety and Kalishek regularly attends the FAA Surface Safety Group meetings. A strong proponent of the FAASTeam WINGS Pilot Proficiency Programs as well, she represents NAFI on the WINGS Usability Working Group and the WINGS Industry Network.

Since receiving her private pilot certificate in 2006, Kalishek, of De Pere, WI, has been non-stop in building an impressive list of credentials. She is a Designated Pilot Examiner, ATP, three-time NAFI Master Instructor, FAA Gold Seal Instructor, CFII, MEI, CFI-G, AGI, IGI, and FAASTeam Lead Representative in the MKE FSDO. In 2019, Kalishek received the National FAASTeam Representative of the Year award. She has held officer positions in and is actively involved with several aviation organizations. She is a Major in the Civil Air Patrol, serving as a CAP volunteer flight instructor, check pilot, examiner, mission pilot and cadet orientation pilot. She is an independent flight instructor, has a particular fondness for antique aircraft, and enjoys spending quality time with her RV-6.

Before becoming a full-time flight instructor, Kalishek was an executive in the banking industry, taught graduate school, and as president of her own corporation, spent over 20 years providing international consulting services in 37 countries. Karen holds bachelor’s degrees in accounting and business administration, and an MBA.

“Having the opportunity to be a board member of this highly respected and vital association since 2018 has been a privilege. Now, I am truly honored to take on this role and I appreciate the board’s trust in me,” said Kalishek. “I look forward to continuing the important work NAFI does for aviation education as it has since NAFI’s founding by Jack Eggspuehler and colleagues in 1967,” she continued.

For more information contact:

Lauretta Webb Godbey, Director of Marketing Communications
Telephone: 240-457-7308

About NAFI
Members of the National Association of Flight Instructors work as independent instructors, at flight schools, universities, FBOs, corporate flight departments, airlines and in the military. Since 1967, NAFI and its members, who teach in 30 countries, are dedicated to increasing and maintaining the professionalism of flight instruction.

NAFI members influence active pilots daily: students working to become pilots, current pilots training to advance their skills with new ratings or certificates and pilots who seek to improve their skills with recurrent training. NAFI also serves as an advocate with industry and government as a voice for flight instruction. NAFI helps shape the current and future direction of flight training.



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