Flange-mounted design eliminates in-tank cabling, delivers Class II accuracy

Liquid Measurement Systems’ (LMS) new Onboard Processing Probe (OPP) is an all-in-one level-sensing and signal conditioning system designed to act independently in a single-tank aircraft with simple tank geometry or be one of several independent units gauging fuel quantity in one or more tanks, each unit returning its respective fuel quantity to the specified aircraft data destination.

The OPP uses the same carbon composite tube design as conventional LMS fuel gauging probes, making it extremely lightweight, durable, crash-resistant—and virtually immune to corrosion, cracking, dents, and extreme field conditions. Flange-mounting and installation is directly through a 2” diameter hole in the top or bottom of the tank, with no in-tank brackets or wires. Each unit weighs about 1.5 pounds.

System software is developed in accordance with DO-178C, Design Assurance Level B, with slosh-damping, and tank geometry defined in PDIF. System accuracy across a single fuel type meets MIL-G-26988 Class II (±2% of indication, ±0.75% of full scale).

LMS President Scott Fewell says, “We originally saw the OPP as a safer, more accurate, higher-reliability solution for small aircraft. But our requirements evolved based on market feedback, and a final product that is a versatile solution that works with a variety of fuel tank configurations.”

Details on more features and certifications are available on the company’s website.

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Greg Maguire, General Counsel and Director of Business Strategy

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