Cover Photo: Photo by Paul Smith/HAI

What are the top reasons other than pay that helicopter industry pros stay with an employer?

People join and stay with a company for many reasons and, according to the latest research, money isn’t at the top of the list. ROTOR surveyed our readers and asked them to reveal (anonymously) the nonfinancial reasons they choose an employer (respondents could provide more than one answer).

1. Supportive, Trustworthy Management (29% of respondents)

“Management that treats the employee with respect, gives clear direction, provides proper equipment/facilities, and encourages open and honest communication.”

2. Work–Life Balance (23% of respondents)

“Some flexibility that allows for a happy family life.”

“Benefits that reduce stress at home and with family so you can concentrate on work.”

3. Company Culture (23% of respondents)

“You have to believe in the mission your company/program is performing. If their goals are something you don’t believe in, you won’t give 100%.”

“Finding a company with the same values related to safety, education, efficiency, etc., that I have.”

4. Stable Location, Schedule (23% of respondents)

“Geographical stability after moving so often in the military.”

“I’m a prior Coast Guard pilot and moved eight times in 20 years.”

“I enjoy the stability of my schedule (six on / six off).”

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