Optima Aero, a leader in innovative and sustainable helicopter and engine asset management solutions, is expanding its presence in Europe by opening a new facility in Anglet, France to better serve European and African helicopter operators and OEM markets. The new 1,000-square-metre industrial facility will enable aircraft maintenance activities, EASA component refurbishment and certification capability, and also house a distribution centre.

‘’This new facility, which will mainly support Airbus and Leonardo operators, will allow us to meet the growing demand for serviceable helicopter parts and engines,” said Toby Gauld, President of Optima Aero. “We will now be in a position to dismantle entire helicopters directly in Europe, thus reducing our carbon footprint related to transportation. Our team will also have the capability to certify helicopter parts.’’

The new centre is strategically located in the French Aerospace Valley to foster collaboration with industry actors and facilitate access to specialized resources. The move from Labenne to Anglet is
completed and the team is already in full operation under the leadership of Céline Marchal. Over the next two years, Optima Aero Europe will employ some 20 technicians and commercial specialists. Optima Aero’s team is focused on helping helicopter operators and maintenance experts improve capital efficiency, cost control or the mission readiness of their aircraft.

“We are focused on creating an optimal balance by increasing operators’ cash flow, reducing maintenance costs and making serviceable helicopter and engines parts available when and where you
need them,” said Mr. Gauld. “Our team of aviation experts is committed to providing innovative and targeted solutions for the helicopter industry.’’

Come and visit us at European Rotors this week
With its increasing activity and customer relationships in Europe, Optima Aero is proudly exhibiting for the first time at the 2022 European Rotors trade show in Cologne. Come visit us at booth # 1041.

About Optima Aero
Optima Aero’s overall mission is to provide an opportunity for helicopter owners to extend the life of their helicopters by providing them with innovative ways of reducing their operating costs. We do this through strategic purchases of serviceable helicopters and engines for which we Part-Out for parts, enabling our customers to embody the parts into their assets rather than having to purchase them new. Optima Aero prides itself on being the foremost leader in innovative helicopter and engine asset management solutions on Airbus and Augusta Westland platforms. Optima Aero is based in Québec (Canada) and Anglet (France).

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