Paraclete Attends APSCON 2022 w/ Global-Sys Wireless

A member of the Airborne Public Safety Association [APSA], Paraclete Aviation Life Support, continues to emerge as a global provider of aviation helmets [Types 1 + 2] for the international law enforcement industry as the company builds strategic partnerships throughout the world in county, state and federal government agencies in the U.S., as well as law enforcement agencies in Japan and Brazil, including its distributors with the company’s recent collaboration with a distributor in Germany, Commercial Helicopter Services [CHS]. The company also announced its North American agreement with France-based GlobalSys, a wireless voice communication solution featuring audio clarity, noise reduction, sound quality, with the mobility and adaptability of reconfiguration options for civilian and military aviation. Paraclete Aviation Life Support will be attending APSCON 2022 in Reno, Neveda, booth 225.

As a commitment to global law enforcement, Paraclete has secured certifications for all five sizes of the Aspida™ [a-speed-a meaning ‘shield’] Type 1, and all five sizes of the Aspida Carbon helmet set forth by the Department of Interior [DOI] + the United States Forest Services [USFS] Aviation Helmets Standard.

“Our entire mission is manufacturing aviation helmets for the global law enforcement industry is to design our helmets with innovation, technology, and modern composites for the purpose of protection and comfort,” said Paraclete President and Founder, CW5 Scott Hedges. “The decision of which rotor helmet to wear is based on comfort, innovation and safety, the three pillars that drive Paraclete’s product designs, culminating in the company’s Aegis and Aspida helmets.”

Paraclete client Deputy George DeLuca, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office ASU, said, “With the Aspida-D helmet’s lightweight and comfortable design, we also like the magnetic helmet buckle and the helmet’s microphone. All in all, it’s also a great-looking helmet.”

Through Paraclete’s distributor and partner EuroTec Inc. Japan, the National Police Agency [NPA] of Japan ordered the Aspida Carbon helmets featuring the lightweight carbon fiber shell.“We are proud of our collaborative relationship with the EuroTec Japan in support of the NPA in Japan with our Aspida Carbon helmet, complete with the Kairos™ retention assembly

Paraclete Clear™ visors that offer near zero horizontal shift and positivity, and magnetic Fidlock® buckles.” Paraclete client, Patrick Hamblin, Police Officer, Glendale Police Department, CA, said, “We tested helmets from a variety of different companies, but after testing the Aspida Carbon, our unit unanimously decided on Paraclete. Prior to our research, we were not as familiar with Paraclete so we called other agencies who use Paraclete helmets. Based on their responses, we were excited to give the company a try. We are very pleased with both the quality of the product, and Paraclete’s timely and helpful customer service.”

DOI-USFS CERTIFIED HELMETS Paraclete Aviation Life Support secured certifications for all three [3] of its product line of helicopter helmet models: the Aegis [ee-jis] D Type 1, the Aspida [a-speed-a] D Type 1, and the Aspida-Carbon-D, as set forth by the Department of Interior [DOI] and the United States Forestry Services [USFS] Aviation Helmets Standard. PARACLETE AVIATION LIFE SUPPORT Launched in 2014, Paraclete Aviation Life Support designs helmets with innovative technology and modern composites that drive safety and comfort. Headquartered in Clarksville, TN, Paraclete provides worldwide services in 30 different countries, including Europe, South America and Asia. Paraclete is the only helmet manufacturer in which all helmets, in every size, are certified to the DOIUSFS Aviation Helmets Standard. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, Paraclete provides Aviation Life Support Equipment [ALSE} training.

Paraclete is the only helmet provider with an independent Cooperative Research and Development Agreement [CRADA] with the United States Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory. For more information, contact 931.274.7947,,, 1760 Jardco Dr. Clarksville, TN 37040.