Vertical Aviation International (VAI) is saddened to acknowledge the loss of longtime international safety advocate Paolo Dal Pozzo. A helicopter pilot, he worked as an AW139 pilot for Avincis in Italy at the time of his death due to a nonflying accident at an airshow over the weekend.

Paolo Dal Pozzo

As an ardent supporter of safety in vertical flight operations, Dal Pozzo was a contributing member of the international Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST), where he produced articles and posters focusing on flight, equipment, and weather.

“On behalf of VAI’s Board of Directors and staff, I extend my sincerest condolences to Paolo’s family, coworkers, and those in the international safety community,” says James Viola, president and CEO of VAI. “Paolo made a significant effort to improve safety throughout our industry, sharing lessons he’d learned. He knew and appreciated the value of sharing information that could help others prevent accidents. While he will be sorely missed by those who knew or worked with him, his safety legacy will live on through his promotional work.”

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