Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR), a world leader in helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) and Tactical mission operational training and support, is pleased to announce the award of a multi-year contract by French Ministry of Armed Forces Command to provide virtual SAR, Tactical, Aerial Use of Force/Gunnery , and NVIS simulation and training support services for helicopter aircrews operating the H225M, AS532, SA330, NH90, AS565, H125M, and AS342 Gazelle.

The training will take place at the P1AR Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) located in Bordeaux, France.

The comprehensive instructor-led and simulation training package will be provided for initial to advanced level aircrews to include mission training for inland/maritime hoist SAR, shipboard operations, external sling load, aerial sniper-M240/M134/GAU21 gunnery, and FLIR/Night Vision Goggle (NVG) operations, to be performed in all weather conditions and relevant geographical environments. Training will incorporate pilot and rear-crew SAR mission synthetic sessions using two Advanced Aircrew Mission Simulators (AAMS) that will be integrated with tactile learning on three multi-aircraft configured hoist/fast-rope training towers in order to provide technical and procedural hoist operations practice.

“This second 4 year contract demonstrates the importance French Ministry of the Armed Forces has for innovative and effective training solutions employing synthetic technology. We are truly honored to have been awarded this contract to provide enhanced SAR/Tactical mission training capabilities for the French MoAF helicopter aircrews,” said Steve Barreau Chief Operations Officer of Priority 1 Air Rescue France.

“Employing a virtual simulation component provides not only realistic immersion, but more importantly, a more graduated learning process that also includes accurate context to the skills and scenarios being practiced and employed during actual live flight, which will significantly enhance our partners’ ability to train for their complete range of missions.”

About Priority 1 Air Rescue
Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR), commonly referred to as the “One Stop SAR Shop” is solely focused on Helicopter Search and Rescue and Tactical Operations and Training. With nearly 24 years of experience, P1AR has provided industry leading SAR and Tactical training to over 10,000 civilian and military pilots and crews worldwide. In addition to its full-time training and support staff, Priority 1 Air Rescue provides full time hoist system operators, helicopter rescue swimmers, and paramedics for SAR/ Medevac programs providing 24/7, 365 days coverage on government and commercial SAR contracts around the world.

The P1AR Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) facilities are located in Mesa, Arizona, US and Bordeaux, France. Both SART/TAC facilities employ the latest virtual hoist SAR and aerial gunnery synthetic training device with the AAMS to include hoists, Gau21, M134 and M240 weapon platforms and HK417/SR25 sniper domes), coupled pilot SAR flight training device, hoist procedural towers using Breeze Eastern and Goodrich single and dual hoists, fast-rope and rappel tower, and multi-media classrooms.