REB Technologies Inc. “REBTECH” in February completed their latest FAA STC for Night Vision Lighting. This one involves a UH-60A for aircraft owner HeliStream Inc. in Costa Mesa, California.  This is the first of two aircraft under contract with HeliStream, the second being a Bell 205 which has already started main component production at the REBTECH facility in Bedford, Texas.

“Obtaining the STC is important to REBTECH since the market for that platform is becoming very popular over several mission capabilities.  We have worked with HeliStream Inc. a few times before and when they came to us to modify the UH-60 we jumped on the opportunity.  HeliStream was pleased with the components supplied for the aircraft and the work of our technicians,” stated Richard Borkowski, President of REBTECH.

“Working with REBTECH to equip our UH60 with Night Vision modifications was an easy decision,” said Golden Anderson, Director of Maintenance at HeliStream. “We have used REBTECH in the past to modify two of our ASTAR’s and have been extremely pleased with their expeditious work ethic and pride of workmanship. The name HeliStream is synonymous with superior safety and service, so we like to partner with vendors who have the same standards. REBTECH shares those same values, and we are proud of the partnership that has been built.”

REBTECH, also known as REB Technologies, Inc. is a global industry leader providing advanced military and civil night vision aircraft lighting systems. Based in Bedford, Texas, the company has extensive experience developing night vision lighting for cockpit, cabin and crew stations as well as night vision systems for external airframe applications. REB Technologies has over 30 FAA, STC’s and EASA approved supplemental type certificates (STC) and has performed lighting modifications and installations for military and civil customers in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, South, Central and North America. REB Technologies provides FAA approved instrument repair, overhaul and modification support as well as additional design, engineering and developmental services for military or civil aircraft applications upon request. For further information please contact Craig Allison at 817.285.7740 or via email at [email protected] or visit