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Recent Accidents & Incidents

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The rotorcraft accidents and incidents listed below occurred between January 1 and March 31, 2019. All details were obtained through the official websites listed below, where you can learn more details about each event.

January 2019

Robinson R22
Waterloo Station, NT, Australia
01-01-2019 | ATSB 201900001
No injuries | Personal flight
The aircraft collided with terrain shortly after liftoff.

Robinson R44 II
Ubatuba, SP, Brazil
01-01-2019 | NTSB ERA19WA088
3 injuries, 1 fatality | Noncommercial flight
No description available.

Bell 429
Melksham, WIL, United Kingdom
01-02-2019 | AAIB G-WLTS
No injuries | Type of flight unknown
Uncommanded yaw input and rotation on the ground.

Robinson R44
Santa Maria Island, FL, USA
01-02-2019 | NTSB GAA19CA124
No injuries | Commercial flight
No description available.

Robinson R44
Grace, ID, USA
01-03-2019 | NTSB GAA19CA110
No injuries| Personal flight
Main rotor blades struck power lines while maneuvering at low altitude.

Robinson R44
Barwon Heads, VC, Australia
01-06-2019 | ATSB 201900026
No injuries | Charter flight
Helicopter missed landing site and impacted water after misinterpretation of the wind direction.

Robinson R44
Carinda, NSW, Australia
01-07-2019 | ATSB 201900014
No injuries | Aerial work
Helicopter conducted forced landing and collided with terrain after pilot detected vibrations throughout helicopter followed by low RPM alarm.

Bell 206
Tindal Aerodrome, NT, Australia
01-08-2019 | ATSB 201900028
No injuries | Agricultural flight
Pilot conducted forced landing after engine failure, resulting in substantial damage.

Robinson R44
Uvalde, TX, USA
01-08-2019 | NTSB CEN19LA065
1 injury | Training flight
Shortly after takeoff for an autorotation, helicopter experienced a hard landing.

Bell 205A-1
Talbingo, NSW, Australia
01-10-2019 | ATSB AO-2019-003
1 injury | Aerial work
During sling load operations, the load released and struck the loadmaster.

Robinson R22
Jandakot Aerodrome, WA, Australia
01-10-2019 | ATSB 201900043
No injuries| Training flight
Loss of control during hover training because of unexpected wind resulted in helicopter colliding with terrain.

Aerospatiale AS350
Ponca City, OK, USA
01-11-2019 | NTSB CEN19LA068
No injuries | Positioning flight
Helicopter experienced dynamic rollover during landing and sustained substantial damage.

Bell 206
Yuma, AZ, USA
01-11-2019 | NTSB WPR19TA061
1 injury | Agricultural flight
The helicopter struck a transmission wire during an agricultural flight.

Bell 47G
Belen, NM, USA
01-11-2019 | NTSB CEN19LA067
No injuries | Personal flight
Helicopter collided with terrain during an emergency landing after experiencing unsafe main rotor speed. Main rotor blades subsequently impacted tail boom and tail rotor.

Bell 212
Slim Creek, BC, Canada
01-19-2019 | TCSB A19P0012
No injuries | Heli-skiing flight
No description available.

Eurocopter EC130
Mansfield, VC, Australia
01-19-2019 | ATSB AO-2019-005
No injuries | Personal flight
Helicopter began to yaw and roll to the left at an increasing rate during initial climb. The pilot initiated an emergency landing. Upon hitting the ground, the helicopter rolled over.

Aerospatiale AS350 B3
Lac Manouane, QC, Canada
01-23-2019 | TCSB A19Q0011
No injuries |Aerial observation flight
No description available.

Bell 206
Ashland, OR, USA
01-23-2019 | NTSB WPR19LA071
1 fatality| Aerial work
Helicopter collided with trees while maneuvering.

Sikorsky S-64E Skycrane
Jericho, VC, Australia
01-28-2019 | ATSB AO-2019-008
3 injuries | Firefighting flight
Helicopter impacted water during aerial fire-control operations.

Bell 407
Zaleski, OH, USA
01-29-2019 | NTSB CEN19FA072
3 fatalities | Air medical flight
Helicopter collided with forested, rising terrain during air medical operations.

Eurocopter AS350
Tampa, FL, USA
01-29-2019 | NTSB GAA19CA121
No injuries | Commercial flight
No description available.

Sikorsky S-92A
St. John’s, NL, Canada
01-31-2019 | TSBC A19A0007
No injuries | Training flight
Sling load released during operations.

February 2019

Bell 206
Barueri County, SP, Brazil
02-11-2019 | NTSB ERA19WA099
3 fatalities | Type of flight unknown
No description available.

Eurocopter AS350
Pigeon Valley, NSN, New Zealand
02-17-2019 | TAIC AO-2019-001
1 injury | Firefighting flight
Helicopter impacted terrain during emergency landing.

Robinson R44
Røldal, HVL, Norway
02-17-2019 | NTSB CEN19WA083
2 fatalities | Type of flight unknown
No description available.

Airbus AS350
Glennallen, AK, USA
02-18-2019 | NTSB GAA19CA139
No injuries | Charter flight
No description available.

Robinson R22
Clearwater, FL, USA
02-19-2019 | NTSB GAA19CA141
No injuries| Training flight
Helicopter skids caught on ground during hover training; helicopter subsequently rolled over.

MD 369
Kukuihaele, HI, USA
02-21-2019 | NTSB WPR19LA087
1 injury | Positioning flight
Pilot initiated forced landing after engine-out light illumination and alarm. During autorotational touchdown, the tail rotor assembly and left skid broke away, and the helicopter rolled to the left.

Sikorsky HH-60L
Tullahoma, TN, USA
02-28-2019 | NTSB ERA19TA110
2 injuries | Charter flight
Helicopter struck trees and terrain while flying during instrument meteorological conditions.

March 2019

Bell 407
Union Center, SD, USA
03-03-2019 | NTSB CEN19LA092
1 injury | Air medical flight
Ambulance drove toward helicopter during routine engine cooldown postlanding and impacted main rotor blades, resulting in substantial damage.

Hughes 369D
Talking Rock, GA, USA
03-05-2019 | NTSB ERA19FA118
1 fatality | External load flight
Wind conditions caused helicopter to impact trees and terrain during an aerial tree-trimming flight.

Bell UH-1B
Forks, WA, USA
03-08-2019 | NTSB WPR19FA091
1 fatality | External load flight
Helicopter collided with mountainous terrain during logging operation.

Bell 407
Galliano, LA, USA
03-10-2019 | NTSB CEN19FA095
2 fatalities | Charter flight
Helicopter impacted marsh after descending from cruise flight.

Bell OH-58A
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, USA
03-13-2019 | NTSB unallocated
No injuries | Law enforcement flight
Description not available.

Robinson R44
Bool Lagoon, SA, Australia
03-13-2019 | ATSB AO-2019-011
1 injury | Agricultural flight
Helicopter struck power line and then collided with terrain during aerial application work.

Schweizer TH-55
Keene, NH, USA
03-13-2019 | NTSB GAA19CA168
No injuries | Personal flight
Description not available.

MD 369HS
Newberg, OR, USA
03-17-2019 | NTSB unallocated
No injuries | Unknown flight type
Description not available.

Eurocopter AS350
Woomera, SA, Australia
03-20-2019 | ATSB AO-2019-015
1 fatality | Utility flight
During power line stringing operations, helicopter came into contact with a tower and subsequently collided with terrain.

Robinson R22
Madill, OK, USA
03-20-2019 | NTSB CEN19LA106
No injuries | Personal flight
Pilot initiated emergency landing after clutch warning light illumination and helicopter shuddering. The helicopter landed roughly during autorotation and rolled onto its side.

Airbus AS350 B3
Montgomery, TX, USA
03-27-2019 | NTSB CEN19FA109
0 injuries, 1 fatality | Firefighting flight
Description not available.

Bell 206B
Valley Center, CA, USA
03-29-2019 | NTSB GAA19CA186
No injuries | Agricultural flight
Description not available.

Bell 222
Montgomery, NY, USA
03-30-2019 | NTSB unallocated
No injuries | Unknown flight type
Description not available.


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