Recoil Aerospace, an innovator in aerial firefighting technology, announced it has received Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) approval for the supplemental type certificates (STCs) for its T1000-E and T650-E aerial firefighting systems.

This approval allows Recoil to offer its advanced firefighting solutions to Canadian firefighting agencies operating eligible Airbus Super Puma AS332 and H225 helicopters.

“We are very pleased to receive TCCA approval for the T1000-E and T650-E systems,” said Joseph Rice, president of Recoil Aerospace.

“This is a significant milestone that opens the door for Canadian operators to leverage our aerial firefighting technology and strengthen their firefighting capabilities. We are confident that Recoil’s systems will play a critical role in protecting Canadian communities from wildfires.”

The T1000-E and T650-E systems are designed to provide rapid and effective fire suppression, catering to different operational needs:

• T1000-E: This high-capacity system boasts a massive 3,785 liter (1,000 gallon) external tank, ideal for delivering large volumes of retardant with exceptional precision.

• T650-E: This versatile system features a 2,460 liter (650 gallon) external tank, making it suitable for a wider range of firefighting applications and helicopter types.

Both systems share the following key features:
• 130 Knot VNE
• NVG IR Lights
• Pulse Lights
• Hailing Siren
• 132 liter (35 gallon) Integrated Foam Tank
• Aerospace Carbon Fiber Construction
• No Airframe Modification

“Wildfires pose a growing threat across North America,” continued Rice. “By expanding our reach into Canada, we are committed to providing firefighting agencies with the tools they need to combat these devastating blazes to protect life, property, and natural resources.”

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