The SAFETY FIRST ergonomic stands allow technicians SAFE access to perform maintenance on the engines, transmissions, main rotor head, flight controls, exhausts, tail boom and tail rotor systems of their S-70i aircraft.  S.A.F.E. also, supplied a cowling rack and parts rack specific to the cowlings and parts on the S-70i.  The S-70i products are lightweight and easy to move around. The custom designs are compact enough to fit in a busy hangar and they provide the technician with complete organization and a SAFE efficient work environment.  The stands allow for multiple technicians to be working on the aircraft at the same time without impeding each other. SAFE is the only manufacture in the USA to offer custom stands and hangar equipment specific to the Firehawk.  For more on this equipment visit the video link:

Through years of working alongside L.A. County Fire and CalFire, we have been able to assure that our custom S-70i platforms highly increase the mechanics safety and efficiency through a well thought out form, fit and function set of equipment. Tony Agosto, at CalFire, has an inmense care for his crew’s safety and with input from Dennis Blumenthal, at L.A.  County fire, we were inspired to create an outstanding wrap around product stated Johnny Buscema President and CEO SAFE structure Designs.