HAI has introduced a new benefit exclusively for its members: an accident and incident research (AIR) tool developed by Swiss company AeroInside.

Called SafetyScan for HAI, the tool provides free access to a global database of rotorcraft accident, incident, and occurrence reports. The database includes some 6,500 reports from seven countries with more countries to come.

SafetyScan for HAI is free to all HAI members and their employees. Visit bit.ly/SafetyScan.

“It’s a simplified, all-in-one database,” says Chris Hill, HAI’s senior director of safety. “You don’t have to slog through irrelevant reports from databases from different accident investigation agencies. You can conduct all your searches from a single portal customized for rotorcraft.”

SafetyScan for HAI was developed to be fast and intuitive. Users can narrow their search by country, time frame, investigation status, helicopter manufacturer, and engine manufacturer and type, as well as other parameters. SafetyScan will return a list of occurrences with date, location, aircraft, and engine model.

Each occurrence also includes an overview that gives users a few more facts and a link to a preliminary report or the full report. The reports highlight probable cause and contributing factors, and collectively contain nearly 300 safety recommendations and actions. For users who want more customization, AeroInside offers SafetyScan Pro. The Pro version provides deeper access and expanded features, including advanced search filtering, immediate notifications, report tracking, and an embedded newsfeed. HAI members receive a 20% discount on SafetyScan Pro. And for HAI members who require modifications such as a direct interface for an existing system, AeroInside can collaborate on a solution.

SafetyScan for HAI is free to all HAI members and their employees, each of whom can create a free individual account by visiting bit.ly/SafetyScan.


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