Statement from Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, on Thursday’s U.S. Army announcement.

Photo courtesy of Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company.
The low and high-speed maneuverability of X2 aircraft, at 70-plus degree angles-of-bank, is critical for operating in contested environments. Fly-by-wire controls reduce pilots’ workload so they can focus on the mission. And the ability to fly at high altitudes and hover in hot conditions, common in the INDOPACOM region, is critical to the US Army’s FARA mission. RAIDER X is pictured at Sikorsky’s facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“To provide the US military and its allies a decisive advantage to deter conflict now and in the future, there must be a transformational improvement in rotorcraft systems capabilities – and a strong engineering workforce that can strengthen the nation’s leading edge in rotorcraft innovation. With a $1 billion investment, X2 aircraft offer speed, range and agility that no other helicopter in the world can match. We remain confident in X2 aircraft for US and international mission needs now and in the future. We are disappointed in this decision and will await a US Army debrief to better understand its choice.”

Additional Background:

  • Sikorsky will continue to execute on its current programs, seek to capture new business and remain a vibrant part of the rotary wing industrial base and Connecticut economy.
  • Black Hawk in the US and international includes a Multi-Year XI production opportunity and new modernization opportunities that will keep the Black Hawk powerful, ready and relevant for decades to come.
  • The CH-53K Heavy Lift helicopter is a major growth driver for Sikorsky with international interests. MH-60R Romeo continues to see international demand for maritime operations. Our customers continue to depend upon the Combat Rescue Helicopter, VH-92 and S-92 to support their critical missions.
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