The Smith Myers Artemis mobile phone detection and location system was successfully demonstrated at PAvCon (Police Aviation Conference Europe) 2022. PAvCon, acknowledged as an annual must-attend event for police aviation professionals and technology innovators, was hosted this year by Airborne Technologies at their headquarter and hangar facilities at Wiener Neustadt Airport, south of Vienna, Austria.

Airborne Technologies has integrated Smith Myers Artemis phone location system, SHOTOVER Systems Gear, augmented reality mission software, L3Harris WESCAM MX10 EO/IR camera, and ECS, Evenlode I air to ground video link into their Vulcanair P68 demonstrator aircraft.

Two “hikers” were sent out into the hills with their phones. The aircraft performed a search pattern then located both hikers at separate positions. Artemis calculated the ‘lat’ and ‘long’, Gear read this and slew the L3Harris WESCAM MX-10 to look at the location. The first hiker was located, and a call was made asking them to wave to the audience back in the hanger. This was repeated for the second hiker.

The Airborne Sensor Operator’s (ASO’s) screen in the aircraft was relayed by the ECS Evenlode video link to the meeting room display, viewed by the PAvCon attendees.

Peter Myers, director and co-founder of Smith Myers, the U.K. technology innovation company celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, was involved in the demonstration: “Time after time our Artemis system delivers results that can be an all-important lifesaver. Teaming up with Airborne Technologies and the world-class line up of integration partners absolutely places Artemis as an essential part of a SAR mission.”

Artemis turns any mobile phone into a rescue beacon, only requiring two small antennas to generate a latitude/longitude fix at up to 19 nautical miles (35km), offering a radical and effective alternative to traditional airborne sensors and direction-finding systems:

  • Texting and calls in no-service areas
  • Automatic cueing of EO/IR (Electro -Optical/Infra-Red)
  • Deployment as a stand-alone with embedded mapping or integrate with leading mission system providers
  • Making missions in low light/ IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) safer and increasing the odds for a positive outcome
  • Available in several SWaP configurations for manned/unmanned platforms

Artemis has been in active service saving lives around the world. The global customer base includes deployment with the Royal Norwegian Airforce for search-and-rescue duties with the Leonardo AW101 SAR Queen, and has received many international awards, including the coveted Royal Aeronautical Society Silver medal.