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Stephan/H, a manufacturing company specializing in the design, development, and distribution of technical uniforms for aviation professionals in global law enforcement; air ambulance/HEMS; wildland firefighting; offshore energy; and, most recently, the space and technology market, with the company’s newest “family member,” the “NASA Blueberry,” Alyssa Carson, will be exhibiting at Booth #3211 at HAI HELI-EXPO 2022 in Dallas, March 7–10. Carson will appear at the show wearing her own Stephan/H flight suit.

Stephan Huot, CEO and founder, Stephan/H Flight Suits

“Our expertise and use of innovative techniques continues to strengthen our reputation as the flight suit of choice with our brand ambassador, Alyssa Carson, call sign ‘Blueberry,’ whom we’re proud to support in her continued pursuits in aerospace,” says CEO and founder Stephan Huot. “We are very excited to have Alyssa on our team, knowing her knowledge and enthusiasm for the aviation industry generates a synergistic community wherever she goes. We are also proud that Alyssa has chosen our flight suit to wear throughout her travels as she soars through her career in aerospace. Our flight suits are the most advanced on the market, and now our brand ambassador will represent the highest-quality designs in form and function.”

“It’s wonderful to be a part of a program to develop something you love and grow into a partnership which is what I’m most in my new role as Brand Ambassador for Stephan/H,” says Carson. “My Stephan/H flight suit feels sleek and form fitting. It’s very clean and professional. Honestly, I like the overall presentation of the flight suit, especially the pockets. It blew my mind that it had so many pockets.”

A new generation of professional-grade flight suit built for a new generation of aviation professionals like Alyssa Carson, tailored to fit your mission, whether air ambulance/HEMS or offshore-energy or aerospace, the Stephan/H flight suit covers all your expectations.

Ultimately, the Stephan/H team and partners designed a unique garment that would be safe, comfortable, and functionally adaptable to the strenuous and ever-changing work conditions of helicopter pilots. Today, we are also pleased to know our flight suits are worn by a young and upcoming aerospace professional, our Stephan/H brand ambassador, Alyssa Carson.

A Collaborative Design: For Pilots by Pilots
Every helicopter pilot is passionate about his work and about the aviation industry, and that describes the CEO of Stephan/H. As a pilot and entrepreneur, Stephan Huot launched his performance wear company in 2012 because he was determined to design a flight suit that met the needs of pilots within his own helicopter charter company.

“The market didn’t seem to offer a flight suit with the functionality, style, and accessories, such as the stretch inserts for comfort and ease of movement, that pilots need in a flight uniform,” says Huot.

Developed in collaboration with helicopter pilots, the designs and functionalities of Stephan/H flight suits and uniforms exceed the highest standards for clients in Stephan/H’s diverse markets: firefighting, space and technology/aerospace, law enforcement, medical/healthcare, and offshore energy to name just a few. After recruiting rotor industry professionals to collaborate on the new flight suit design, the final product revealed a flight suit that would revolutionize the aviation industry as a ‘new generation’ of flight suits.

“As we were developing the flight suit, we began to develop additional accessories for pilots, and ultimately offer a full clothing line of technical flight suits and uniforms,” he says. From the pilot and flight nurse, the designs and features are just as diverse, in styles featuring the company’s collection, Ultimate, Rotor or Signature, ensuring all clients receive a flight suit tailored to their specifications/needs.

“At the end of the day, those who wear the Stephan/H flight suit conduct unpredictable missions in challenging environments are assured of the one comfort they know they can count on and that is their Stephan/H flight, the one constant that is there and ready for the next mission,” says Huot.

About Stephan/H
Located in Quebec City, Stephan/H specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of high-end technical uniforms for the aviation, law enforcement, and medical services sectors. Stephan/H uniforms meet the highest quality standards on the market and combine materials technology, ergonomics, and innovative design. Nothing is impossible for the company that offers a customization and personalization service. For more information, visit

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