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The organization’s webinars, other resources embody its dedication to improving civil rotorcraft safety.

The US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) wants to ensure that safety is paramount to everyone in aviation. That’s why the organization offers so many safety resources to the vertical flight community, including videos, monthly safety reports, and regular webinars.

USHST webinars have examined critical safety issues such as bird-strike navigation, risk management, and pilot competency, all created to help achieve the vision at the heart of the group’s work: “a civil helicopter community with zero fatal accidents.”

As many as 380 attendees per event register for the popular webinars, including the Jun. 7, 2023, All Hands webinar, which attracted 384 registrants. At the event, Richard A. Dolbeer and Phyllis Miller of the US Department of Agriculture’s Airport Wildlife Hazards Program gave a comprehensive presentation on bird-strike threats and mitigation measures for helicopter and urban air mobility (UAM) operations.

Helicopter pilot and webinar attendee Roberto Enrico Tami, who says he’s been watching USHST webinars for the past five years, wrote to the team on Jul. 8 to congratulate its members for “all you do to reduce accidents and fatalities among the helicopter pilot community” while requesting a link to the Jun. 7 webinar so he could watch the event again.

Next month, the USHST will host two hybrid events, the “COPTER IFR/Weather Camera Summit,” on Sep. 11, and the USHST All Hands webinar, on Sep. 12.

At the “COPTER IFR/Weather Camera Summit,” which will be held virtually and in person at HAI’s headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, Sep. 11, the USHST will seek to gain support and advocacy to expand the FAA’s weather camera network throughout the United States. The agency says the cameras have helped attain an 80% reduction in accidents by enhancing pilots’ decision-making skills. The webinar will also explore operators’ experiences and challenges using COPTER IFR, including the use of COPTER instrument approaches as both primary and alternate locations, repositioning of helicopters between pads within the same aerodrome, inaccessibility and underutilization of IFR clearances for procedures and routes, and more.

HAI’s headquarters will host the following day’s USHST All Hands meeting as well. At the Sep. 12 event, which will also be accessible virtually, the team will present its monthly FAA rotorcraft accident briefing as well as Helicopter Safety Enhancement (H-SE) #125, “Preflight/Risk Assessment for Student Flights,” one of the many H-SEs the organization is working on to achieve its ultimate vision of zero fatal civil helicopter accidents.

Click here to register for one or both of the September webinars. To learn more about the USHST and to watch recordings of past webinars, visit


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Christine A. DeJoy

Christine A. DeJoy

Christine “Chris” A. DeJoy is senior editor at HAI and deputy editor of ROTOR magazine.