VAI is inviting photographers and videographers to contribute their best work to a new initiative designed to enhance the visibility and understanding of the vertical aviation industry.

The association will feature contributors’ photos and videos across various VAI publications and marketing materials as part of the organization’s ongoing effort to promote achievements and developments in our dynamic industry.

VAI’s communications platforms, which, in addition to ROTOR magazine, include the ROTOR Daily e-newsletter and various marketing efforts, reach a wide audience, providing significant exposure for contributors while showcasing the importance and innovation of helicopter operations.

VAI is looking for high-quality, engaging, visually captivating content that highlights the diverse aspects of vertical aviation. This includes operational footage of helicopters in various settings, images of maintenance work, training sessions, and any other content that depicts the breadth and impact of the industry. If you are interested in participating, contact PJ Barbour, VAI’s video and multimedia producer, at [email protected].

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