VAI members receive special pricing and hands-on support to help improve safety.

VAI has partnered with Truth Data Insights to offer a powerful flight data monitoring (FDM) program to help helicopter operators improve their flight safety.

VAI member operators enjoy exclusive access to FDM services as well as special pricing on the program, which offers three tiers of support:

  • Core: entry-level FDM service
  • Plus: software and data access for operators performing internal FDM analyses only
  • Premium: full analysis support, software, and operator consulting.

The Web-based, user-friendly FDM program offers:

  • Hands-on tutoring and support
  • An actionable, customized plan based on the user’s fleet data
  • Help identifying risks, improving fuel consumption, reducing unnecessary maintenance, and more
  • A dashboard with interactive displays, graphs, maps, and trend analyses
  • A secure, fully automated data-transfer system
  • A step-by-step implementation plan.

For more information on the VAI FDM program or Truth Data Insights, visit

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