This VAI member’s VistaSuite and VistaQuote software help MRO, parts, and distribution companies manage business operations.

Based in Cambridge, Minnesota, Ambry Hill Technologies produces a suite of cloud-based and mobile applications designed to improve process efficiencies and increase earnings potential for maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), parts, and distribution companies.

Ambry Hill’s products for aircraft operators include business management software VistaSuite and request for quote (RFQ) rapid-response software VistaQuote.

Software Products
VistaSuite provides MRO companies, aircraft maintenance businesses, and distributors with tools to track and manage business operations. Key features include MRO and work-order task management, inventory control, RFQ and quote management, order processing and logistics, invoicing and accounting, and analytics.

VistaQuote is a cloud-based software designed to automate RFQ gathering and quote-generating workflow. The software allows sales teams to manage both RFQs and quotes in one platform using real-time business software data.

VistaQuote can scour the user’s electronic inbox for RFQs from list services and organize them for a rapid response. The software then routes the RFQs to the user and sends alerts for sales opportunities based on user preferences. The program can also send quotes to the user’s customers while simultaneously logging them into the business software.

Case Studies
Ambry Hill highlights several aviation parts manufacturers and distributors on its website that use the company’s software to streamline tracking, reduce data entry, and increase sales. Among the features noted in these case studies are the software’s filter, search, and sorting options; the cloud-based setup allowing information to be accessed anywhere; and artificial intelligence–powered auto quoting.

Ambry Hill software products are designed for simple plug-and-play operation on computers, tablets, and phones.

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Jen Boyer

Jen Boyer

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