Tour and charter company operates an MD 520N helicopter and a Cessna 207 fixed-wing aircraft.

Founded in 2005 by a group of aviation enthusiasts, Glacier Aviation Services of Kalispell, Montana, provides a range of airplane and helicopter charter services. The company is located near the west gate of Glacier National Park and north of Flathead Lake.

Glacier Aviation Services operates an MD 520N helicopter and a Cessna 207 fixed-wing aircraft on its FAA Part 135 certificate, offering tour and charter flights throughout the region, including over Glacier National Park.

The company chose the MD 520N for the aircraft’s low sound profile paired with its high-altitude performance record—both vital for flying throughout northwestern Montana and around the national park. In addition to tours, Glacier uses the helicopter for aerial photography and cinematography, plus a variety of business and VIP charter services, including transportation to local resorts, fishing trips, and weddings and marriage proposals.

Sustaining the Environment
Recognizing its pristine operating environment in Montana, Glacier Aviation Services is committed to upholding sustainable aviation practices while striving to reduce its carbon footprint and preserve nature. The operator seeks to achieve these goals in numerous ways, including by using eco-friendly fuel, implementing recycling programs, working closely with local organizations to raise awareness about environmental conservation, and participating in community cleanup initiatives.

Gary Kauffman, Glacier Aviation Services chief pilot, in the operator’s MD 520N.

Gary Kauffman, Glacier’s chief pilot, is an ATP with airplane and helicopter ratings and a passion for aviation. He has more than 6,500 hours of flight experience in the region, offering an additional level of expertise and safety in the mountainous area. Kauffman is also an experienced aerial cinematographer and an International Emmy Awards nominee.

Flight Training and Charter Services
For budding aviators or those who want to build on their existing skills, Glacier offers flight training courses for airplane and helicopter ratings, from private pilot to ATP.

In addition, Glacier has expanded its services to facilitate worldwide charter operations. The company is a member of a global air charter services network, with access to thousands of other aircraft operators around the world, and can help put together point-to-point charters for everything from helicopters to large business jets.

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Jen Boyer

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